Climate Change

Livestock Production and Climate Change

On the one hand, livestock production contributes to climate change. The direct contribution is GHG emission including CH4 mainly from enteric fermentation and N2O mainly from manure, The indirect contribution include deforestation, production of feed, and transportation of feed and products.

On the other hand, climate change will have impact on livestock production. The direct impact may be decreased productivity due to increased heat stress, the indirect impact include impact through feed supply, disease susceptibility, and cost of adaptation. 


Mitigation and Adaptation with Integrated Research and Extension 






Quantify and reduce environmental footprint of livestock production systems (C, N, energy, water) coupled with enhanced profitability

Explore strategies to improve resilience in livestock production systems to changing and variable physical environment



Increase in understanding of agriculture’s role in environmental stewardship and impact of increasingly strict regulations

Increase in understanding of risks and options associated with changing climate, reducing vulnerability to extreme climate scenario, or coping with their consequences