Should I go to Graduate School?

There are as many reasons to continue your education in graduate school as there are people. Here are some common reasons given by graduate students:

"I want to improve my marketable skills."
New skills can open new career doors, increase your rate of promotion, increase your salary and earning potential, or make you better at the job you curently have. In graduate school, you are given wide latitude to craft a program of study to enhance your knowledge.

"I want to do research."
Graduate school enhances your skills at independent study, an essential trait of a researcher. Many graduate students push the bounds of knowledge and develop new technologies and techniques for other engineers. To prepare you for the exciting world of research, you develop a close mentoring relationship with a faculty advisor and develop a strong specialization to go along with the breadth you develop in undergraduate studies.

"I want to teach."
Graduate school helps you become an expert in your field. Experts share their knowledge with others and help them to learn and develop. So in order to be a teacher, you must first develop your own skills and confidence. This is a basic goal of graduate study, whether you become a "teacher" or not.

"I want to switch careers."
You will develop new skills through research and graduate study, explore new concepts in graduate classes, and meet new colleagues and contacts at professional conferences. Many students before you have used these cornerstones of graduate study to build the foundation for a new career.