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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Sustainable Food, Energy, Water Certificate

The Sustainable Food, Energy, Water (FEW) graduate certificate program trains students with the technical skills and broad understanding to address sustainability and key resource challenges (e.g., food, water, energy, population) faced by many sectors of society, with an emphasis on rural areas. The graduate certificate will prepare students to address critical issues in FEW systems such as cross-cutting engineering innovations, socioeconomic factors driving resource recovery, reuse, and rural development; soil, water, and energy conservation; water and wastewater management.

Point of contact:

Stacy L. Hutchinson, Ph.D.
Email: sllhutch@ksu.edu
Phone: 785-532-5844

FEW Admission Requirements

Admission to the FEW Graduate Certificate program will require that the student (a) has completed a 4-year undergraduate degree or/and has been accepted by the Graduate School for admission to a graduate degree program at Kansas State University, and (b) has completed at least 3 upper-division (junior-level or higher) undergraduate courses in technical areas consistent with topics included in FEW subject matter electives. The FEW Program Director will determine if the required qualifications have been met by each applicant.