Graduate Programs

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What global impact can a graduate degree in biological and agricultural engineering at Kansas State University make on mankind? The world’s population is projected to exceed 9 billion people by 2050. Future generations face unique biological and ecological challenges. The BAE department is actively engaged in research to address challenges faced by the next generation. Examples include food availability, preservation of natural resources, water quality and quantity issues, climate change and others.


The department offers courses of study leading to a Master of Science in biological and agricultural engineering and Doctor of Philosophy in biological and agricultural engineering. Doctorate and master's students may specialize in:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Bioprocessing engineering
  • Information and electrical technology
  • Machinery systems
  • Natural resource engineering
  • Structure and environment


BAE researchers are leading research and development into issues central to environmental sustainability, biofuel and bio-based products, and precision agriculture and power machinery. Research activities at BAE are divided into three focus areas: