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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program Resources for Instructors

 Instructors must complete the Instructor Training Course

Required Materials

There is a new manual for 2021, please email tawnie@ksu.edu for details.

National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program

Supplemental Materials


Tractor and Machinery Safety - YouTube - US Ag Safety & Health Ctrs

NFU Safety on the Farm 10 videos covering farm safety topics

Maine Extension Tractor Safety Video Training Series

PTO Safety Video

KSRE Youth Livestock Safety Videos

AgSafety4U (Univ of Nebraska, Penn State, Ohio State)

Tractor and Machinery Safety - Purdue (gearingup.info)

PTO Safety Video

KSRE Youth Livestock Safety Videos

Tractor Mike - YouTube

 Rollover Ranch VR | SideQuest (urlisolation.com)


Ag Safety and Health (extension.org)

Kansas Farm Bureau Safety Materials

Chainsaw Safety - OSHA

UMASH Farm Safety Check Topics

Cultivate Safety

Age Appropriate Jobs for Youth in Agriculture

Prevention Education (uiowa.edu)

Farm Safety Games

United States Department of Labor

United States Department of Labor/OSHA Youth In Agriculture

United States Department of Labor Young Workers Rights


Forms Available Through Penn State Instructor Training Course

  • Master Score Sheets-Required - once completed this should be emailed to Tawnie Larson at tawnie@ksu.edu
  • Temporary Test Score Form-Required
  • Skills Test Evaluation Form-Required
  • Driving Test Evaluation Form-Required
  • Skills and Driving Test Layout Map-Required
  • Pocket Certificates-Recommended, Front and Back - Does not replace the 1/2 sheet USDOL Certificate of Training

Forms To Download Here: