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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) Rebate Program

What is a ROPS?

A ROPS (rollover protective structure) attaches  to a tractor and, with the use of a seatbelt, provides a safety-zone for the operator. In the event of an overturn or rollover, ROPS help prevent the tractor operator from being crushed under the tractor. Commonly ROPS are referred to as "rollbars," which are just one type of ROPS; ROPS can also come in the form of a cab.

Stats on ROPS Accidents

What if all of this could be Prevented?

K-State Research and Extension through the Carl and Melinda Helwig Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department at Kansas State University has been collaborating with the National ROPS Rebate Program (NRRP) to research and gain support through public and private funding and partnerships to provide Kansas farmers with a rebate program that can assist with the cost of retrofitting a tractor on their farm.

The NRRP along with other states have a proven track record of working with producers and industry to provide resources to select the proper ROPS kits and specifications. 

99% Effective Values

How the National ROPS Rebate Program Works

The National ROPS Rebate Program (NRRP) is a voluntary program that provides rebates for approximately 70%* of the cost of purchasing and installing a ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure; rollbar) kit. This rebate covers the ROPS kit (rollbar and seatbelt), shipping, and professional installation, if desired. Note: professional installation is required in Wisconsin; it is highly recommended for all others.

Kansas is working closely with the NRRP  to make rebates available for Kansans. If you are interested in applying for the rebate program when available in Kansas, click here and a team member will get back to you about the status of funding. You will automatically be added to our waitlist, if needed.

*The exact rebate varies slightly from state to state. Kansas has not determined the rebate amount.


Source: Rollover Protective Structures, Worker Safety, and Cost-Effectiveness: New York, 2011-2017. Melvin Myers, MPA, Timothy Kelsey, PhD, Pam Tine, ABO, Julie Sorensen, PhD, and Paul Jenkins, Phd. 

Kansas Stats


For additional information, contact:

Tawnie Larson, Project Consultant at tawnie@ksu.edu, 785-532-2976; or Ed Brokesh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at ebrokesh@ksu.edu, 785-532-2907. Kansas State University, Carl and Melinda Helwig Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering; Janet Bailey, Principal at No Chaff Group LLC, janet@nochaffgroup.com, 785-477-5135. 


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Funding for research from the Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety in Agriculture, The Center is funded through NIOSH/CDC. The National ROPS Rebate Program is an effort supported and guided by members of the National Tractor Safety Coalition, an organization with representation from nearly 60 multi-sector industry and advocacy groups. National ROPS Rebate Program Website.

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