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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Welcome from the Department Head

The department of biological and agricultural engineering at K-State strives for excellence in preparing the next generation to address future global challenges and sustainability. Excellence within the department comes through a unified commitment to surpass minimum standards in academics, research, educational outreach and other endeavors in life. BAE is unique – we are small enough to genuinely care but big enough to make a positive lifelong difference. 

Our goals are to prepare young people to successfully -

  • Enter the workforce with a biological systems engineering or agricultural technology management degree and make a difference.
  • Acquire engineering and technology skills necessary to address present and future issues.
  • Develop critical thinking and assessment skills.

Our commitment is to -

  • Assist the next generation in fulfilling their personal goals beyond a college diploma.
  • Create a learning environment where excellence is encouraged and promoted.
  • Equip the next generation with the skills necessary to meet the demands of an increasing global population.
Photo of Joe Harner
Joseph P. Harner
Department Head and Professor