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Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Below is a timeline of the history of the department. Major events are in bold.

1863Kansas State Agricultural College was chartered
1909Four extension agricultural engineers are hired
1913Agricultural engineering (AE) curriculum appears in the K-State undergraduate catalog for the first time
1915Department of farm machinery is created
1916First AE degree is awarded to John Welsh
1921Department of farm machinery is renamed agricultural engineering
1924First AE master’s degree is awarded to S.R. Todorovic

Agricultural engineering awards 100th bachelor's and master's degrees

1948Ten K-State AE graduates serve as department heads at other universities
1953Department of agricultural engineering offices move to Seaton Hall west wing
1957All AE research is transferred under Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station
1959New north wing of Seaton Hall becomes the first home of the department of agricultural engineering
1963Agricultural mechanization degree added to curriculum
1968Agricultural engineering awards 500th degree
1976First general Ph.D. degree awarded in the College of Engineering
1984Agricultural engineering awards 1,000th degree
1990Agriculture mechanization degree is renamed agricultural technology management degree
1994Department of agricultural engineering is renamed department of biological and agricultural engineering (BAE)
2000First Ph.D. degree is awarded in BAE
2003BAE awards 1,500th degree
2004West and north Seaton Hall are renovated
2008Biological system engineering becomes the official name of the undergraduate engineering degree
2011Department receives approval to offer a master’s degree program in biotechnology at the K-State Olathe Campus
2020The department is named the Carl and Melinda Helwig Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering