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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Student Officers 2015-2016

 Officers shall be elected by secret ballot, if requested.  A simple majority vote shall be necessary to elect.


Ross Niehues



The President shall preside at all meetings when present.  He/she shall appoint committees as he deems necessary or which may be authorized by vote of the club at business meeting. He/she shall assume active constructive leadership of the club and perform other customary duties of the office.


Wade Stroda



The Vice-President shall preside over all meetings in the absence of the President, and assist him in his duties.  Arrange for guest speakers for meetings.  He/she shall be chairman of the program committee.  He/she shall also be an ex-official member of all committees.


Blaise Staver



The Secretary shall keep the roll, minutes, and all official records of the club and all club correspondence not covered by another office.


Paul Goossen



The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all income and expenses of the club and make a report of such transactions at every meeting.  The outgoing President, new President, new treasurer and the advisor shall audit books every year within two weeks after the election.


Ben Lampereur



The Reporter shall be responsible for notifying members of meetings and reporting club activities and meeting for publication.  He/she shall also maintain the historical record of the club.


Evan Ray




The Agricultural Council Representatives shall attend all Agricultural Council meetings and submit to it any business deemed necessary by the Agricultural Technology Management club.  He/she shall make reports of the Councils activities to the club.