Student Activities

Fundraisers: The money raised for the club is used for club meeting expenses, club educational trips, scholarships or other educational purposes or expenses.

  • Fall Leaf Raking

The ATM Club puts on a leaf raking fundraiser for the club done in the Manhattan community. It is usually performed in the first part of November or whenever the majority of leaves have fallen from the trees.  They provide everything including labor, supplies, and the disposal of the leaves. It is a fairly new fundraiser as it was started in the fall of 2013. Pricing for the past fall was a $40 flat rate fee per lawn while also accepting extra donations. The Fall Leaf Raking fundraiser helps those who either don’t have the time or ability to clean their yard of leaves.

  • Lawn Mower Clinic

The ATM Club performs a lawn mower service and tune up each spring. This service includes cleaning the mower, changing the oil, replacing the air filters and spark plug and sharpening the blade. This service is available for push mowers only and involves minimal mechanic work. Last spring’s cost for the clinic was $35 with an extra $20 charged if pickup and delivery by the club was desired. With the Lawn Mower Clinic customers can ensure that their mower is ready to perform when mowing season begins, while also increasing the life of their mower by doing routine maintenance.