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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Summary of Progress

The Executive Committee met at the beginning of the 2017 school year for a planning/visioning session.  We reflected on the previous branch activity and chose 2 goals to specifically focus on:

  • Continue the level of excellence in Design Competitions
  • Improve upon the traditions set at Open House including the Pancake Feed

Goals Met:

1. Design Teams Success

The Kansas State University Design Teams competed throughout the 2015-2016 year and has accomplished the following:

  • 1/4 Scale Tractor Design Team - 2nd Place
  • Robotics Student Design Competition - 1st Place
  • Fountain Wars Design Team Competition - 3rd Place 

Overall, these met and exceeded our expectations.

2. Improvements towards Open House

  • Increased revenue from Pancake Feed:

As the primary fundraiser for the branch, the annual Pancake Feed is crucial to bringing in revenue.  After campaigning to increase advertising for the Pancake Feed the event raised nearly $2500, from ticket sales in 2017.

  • Our Department also did very well with the Student Displays for the Kansas State University Engineering Open House 2017 competition and received the following awards:
    • 1st Place Graduate Display: Austin Schmitz
    • 1st Place Innovation Display: Kaley Brundgardt and Kendra Schuette
    • 2nd Place Technical Display: Evan Morrical
    • 2nd Place Overall Department

Financial Statement 

Financial statement of branch indicates its activity which is in the form of a standard "Profit and Loss" statement.