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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Student Officers


Caleb Jones



The President shall preside at all meetings when present.  The President shall appoint committees which are not provided for in the Bylaws, but are authorized by the Executive Committee or the Student Branch.  The President shall assume an active leadership role in the Student Branch, and perform other customary duties of the office.  The President shall serve as the Student Branch representative to Engineering Student Council.


Shannon Bellamy



The First Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President, and assist with the President’s official duties.  The First Vice-President shall provide for the program at each Student Branch meeting, contact prospective speakers, arrange for the physical facilities of the meeting such as; projection equipment screens, and any display material used by speakers, and introduce the speaker to the group.  The First Vice-President shall maintain correspondence with the Student Branch Industry Advisors.


Victoria Eastman



The Second Vice-President shall be in charge of all activities relevant to the professional development of the members.  The Second Vice-President should explain, and encourage members to take part in the different honor awards, student paper awards, and any other activities carried on by the ASABE or the Mid-Central Section of ASABE.  The Second Vice-President shall also be responsible for arranging and planning the spring department picnic.


Laura Krueger



The Treasurer shall collect all dues, fees, and other monies due the Student Branch.  The Treasurer shall properly care all funds and, upon proper authorization, disburse them to meet the obligations of the Student Branch.  The Treasurer shall keep suitable financial records and accounts of all funds, which shall be subject to the rules of the Kansas State University Student Governing Association.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the attendance at required SGA meetings and submission of a budget to SGA by the assigned date.


Jenna Flory



The Secretary shall perform the customary duties of the office, including the taking of minutes at meetings, and the handling of correspondence between the Student Branch and the officers and committees of the parent society.


Molly Smith



Meg Mankin



The Open House Chairs are responsible for organizing the Branch’s activities for the Kansas State University Engineering Open House, held each spring.  This campus-wide event brings thousands of high school students, parents and community members to K-State to show what current students are doing in their activities and classes as well as what opportunities exist for new students.  The duties of the Open House Committee are to appoint display chairs, supervise displays during the event, organize set-up before the event, dismantle the displays after the event, and act as liaison between Steel Ring and the department.  (Steel Ring is a senior honorary that plans Engineering Open House, judges displays, and presents awards at the Engineering Open House Banquet.)  Six different categories are judged in each department:  The Technical Display, the Freshman/Sophomore Display, the Curriculum Display, the Limited Class Display, and the Open Class Display.  


Kirsten Prindle



The Scribe shall be responsible for recording the activities of the Student Branch and maintain the picture board.  The Scribe shall be responsible for submitting a report for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ Competition and encourage activities to improve the Student Branch’s performance in the competition.  The Scribe shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Student Branch web page.


Joey Pentola



Elizabeth Seidl



The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain order in the meetings.  The Sergeant-at-Arms shall assist in the distributing literature and shall perform such other duties that will assist in the conduct of an orderly and efficient meeting.  The Sergeant-at-Arms shall serve as the Chair of the Pancake Feed Committee.


Dr. Vaishali Sharda



The Faculty Advisor shall be the official representative between the Student Branch, the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, and ASABE.  The Faculty Advisor shall counsel with officers, members, and committees of the Student Branch, and assist toward the highest accomplishment of the organization.  The Faculty Advisor shall be a member of the ASABE in good standing.