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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Members Activities

This is about the individuals within the ASABE Major and all of their involvement both on and off campus. The Kansas State University ASABE Student Branch encourages but does not require broader participation of its members in campus and community activities.  This section highlights the strong commitment to service from our student members that helps them to develop into active community participants.  All information was obtained through a voluntary survey; therefore, the lists are not comprehensive but rather are intended to serve as a representative example of student involvement.

Breakdown of Students by Class:

BAE Option

Specific Option within the BAE Major:

BAE Option

Learn more about the Machinery, Biological, and Environmental Options!


Campus Participation:

Professional Societies



Honor Societies



Departmental Design Team Participation



Social Clubs



Sports Clubs



Other Campus Activities




Career Development:




Community Activities:

Church Activities



Philanthropic Activities



Other Activities





  • Members of the Quarter Scale Tractor Design Team produced the team’s written report for the 2017 Quarter Scale Tractor Design Team Competition.
  • Members of the Fountain Wars Design Team produced the team’s written design report for the 2017 Fountain Wars Design Competition.
  • Members of the Robotics Design Team produced the team’s written design report for the 2017 Robotics Design Competition.