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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Character and Procedure of Meetings

The Kansas State University Student Branch of ASABE holds regular meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. Reminder emails are sent to the chapter members each month.  Meetings are held on campus for the convenience of the chapter members, where they will sign in for attendance.  During these meetings, the Branch conducts all necessary business, forms committees to deal with other business, and presents professional material.  The procedure of each meeting follows the outline of general parliamentary procedure:

(1) President calls meeting to order

(2) Department head report

(3) Officer reports

  1. First Vice President
  2. Second Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Scribe
  6. Open House Chair
  7. Sergeant-at-Arms

(4) Adviser’s report

(5) President’s report

(6) Committee chair reports

(7) Old Business

(8) New Business

(9) Speaker’s program

(10) Announcements

Each meeting is approximately an hour long.  About half of the meeting is spent discussing Branch and Department business while the second half is composed of the program of the meeting.  Following the program and adjournment of the meeting, refreshments are provided by the Sergeant-at-Arms.  This gives the members the opportunity to socialize with the guests and other members and provides practice for group and interpersonal communication skills.

Executive meetings are held at least one week before each regular meeting, depending on the class schedules of the committee members.  All officers, faculty advisers, and committee chairs are expected to attend.  All old and new business, including committee reports, are discussed and then added to the agenda.  Other Branch activities are discussed and a plan of action is formed as needed.  The executive meetings are more informal than regular meetings and are usually held in the Engineering Hall, lecture room 1108.

DateMinute SummariesChapter Members Attended
9-1-2015September Minutes 99 Students/134 Enrolled
10-6-2015October Minutes 121 Students/134 Enrolled
11-3-2015November Minutes 112 Students/134 Enrolled
12-1-2015December Minutes 92 Students/134 Enrolled
2-2-2016February Minutes 90 Students/125 Enrolled
3-1-2016March Minutes 86 Students /125 Enrolled
4-14-2016April Minutes 87 Students/125 Enrolled