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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

ASABE Membership

Rules for membership are defined in Article II of the Kansas State University Student Branch Constitution and Bylaws.

Membership in the Student Branch shall consist of honorary members, active members, and associate members.

Honorary members shall be local ASABE members whom the Student Branch desires to honor with such membership.

Active members shall be undergraduate students enrolled in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering curriculum as shown by the rolls of Kansas State University.

Associate members shall be students of curriculums other than Biological and Agricultural Engineering, who evidence an interest in Biological and Agricultural Engineering and desire to affiliate with the ASABE Student Branch.

Active members in good standing in the Student Branch are eligible to become student members of the ASABE as provided in the Bylaws of the parent society.

Students gain branch membership by enrolling in BAE 020.  National ASABE membership is $25.00 annually.

List of Chapter Members