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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Branch Activities

Campus and Community Activities

  • Members of BAE 020 get into the Halloween spirit by going to Britt's Pumpkin Patch October 30th, 2018 to enjoy a petting zoo, hay ride, two corn mazes, giant slides, potato cannon, and much more.

It's a baby


Down the slide!

On the way to the Pumpkin Patch

Feeding the animals in the petting zoo

  • Intramural Sports - While members of the student branch spend endless hours in class and doing course work, they still manage to participate in a variety of intramural sports, such as co-ed basketball, volleyball, and softball through the recreation center.


  • Tau Beta Pi Canned Food Drive - The Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department competed against the other departments in the College of Engineering and against the BAE faculty in an annual canned food drive in November to help restock Flint Hills Breadbasket for the holiday season.  Each can of food or $0.80 donated was worth one point for our department.  In 2015, the BAE department won the “competition,” by donating the most.

Ice Skating

  • Ice Skating Winter Social- As a de-stresser before Finals Week a group of students from the department visited the Manhattan Ice Rink. 


Educational Programs - These design teams provide excellent opportunities for students to gain hands on experience as they develop Engineering techniques.  Each year the Students get to compete against other schools at annual ASABE International Meetings.  They also attract potential students to learn more about Bio and Ag. Engineering major at Kansas State University.

  • 1/4 Scale Tractor TeamPowercat Tractors gives students a chance to prove what they know. They see how theory relates to practical application, and are able to apply leadership, teamwork, communication, and time-management skills, which employers want.  Many graduates from Powercat Tractors credit their design-team experiences for their successful employment and career success. 


  • Fountain Wars Environmental Design TeamThe ASABE Fountain Wars Competition applies understanding of the fundamental principles of hydraulics and fluid flow towards designing solutions to a defined set of tasks. The competition consists of two technical tasks, an aesthetic display, and an oral presentation completed by sophomores and juniors. As part of this engineering competition, students are introduced to marketing-style promotion and designing for aesthetics, incorporating biomaterial in the design or display to earn bonus points. The students are introduced to the pre-manufacturing of components due to the limited time to construct on site during the competition. 


  • Robotics Design TeamBAE’s student robotics team has consistently established itself as one of the nation’s best. The team has never lost the American Society of Biological and Agricultural Engineers’ student robotics competition, routinely prevailing against teams from across the U.S., Canada and Taiwan. This competition encourages university student teams to create robotic solutions for a "Challenge with an Agricultural Flavor."  Past challenges include:  communicating multiple robot systems mimicking a corn harvest operation, and harvesting trees in a forest.

Robotics Team


Trips and Tours - During this past 2015-2016 School year, some of our members went back to their home High Schools and spoke about BAE, while other prospective students got to tour our department during the KSU Open House. Since each of our design teams compete each year, those students get to travel to the competition. During the 2016-2017 year the ASABE International Robotics competition was held in Orlando, Florida. 

Social Functions - These functions include a Fall and Spring picnic (open to all ages) as well as a BAE Pub Crawl group through Manhattans Aggie Ville (21+). These are fun ways to let students release some stress and develop lifelong friendships.

Branch Publications - Keep up to date with the latest and greatest News and Events within BAE.