SSURGO Processing Tool for ArcSWAT


The SSURGO Processing tool is developed to convert the SSURGO soil datasets into ArcSWAT compatible format. The SSURGO processign tool is one of several tools within the SWATioTools extension that is being developed at K-State to help working with input and output data of the Soil and Water Assessment Tool within an ArcMap GIS environment.

 The SSURGO tool was developed to conduct the following tasks:
The tool was originally created as an extension to ArcMap 9.2 under Windows XP but was successfully tested with ArcGIS 9.3 and Windows 7.

Current status:
The tool is in development stage. It means there are bugs in the code and not all errors are fixed. Download and use the tool at your own risk.

On August 31, 2009, the original installation package was added to the list of download files. Please, use this method as it installs the extension as Windows application further allowing easy un-install, and also registers the required installation files automatically. After the installation, the SWATioTools extension will be present in the list of extensions within ArcMap GIS, and the corresponding toolbar will be activated.

On April 6, 2010, the original version of the SSURGO tool was revised and errors that few users encountered while processing the SSURGO soil files were fixed. It appears that tabular files may contain certain attributes that were left blank thus creating problems while querying the soil MapUnit Key and Cokey values. In that case the query could not be completed, and it threw the error code. In the current release we wrote additional filters to capture such attributes and process them accordingly. We also added two more text boxes on the dialog form for the SWAT geospatial database file SWAT2005.mdb (usually located within C:\Program Files\Swat\ArcSWAT\Databases\ folder) and SWATioTools installation folder (default is C:\Program Files\SWATioTools\). Both these entries can be altered to prevent the content of original files from modifications. We would especially recommend backing up the SWAT2005.mdb file before running the tool.

In May, 2010 the SSURGO tool was tested and appeared to be running fine on Windows 7 (x86) and ArcGIS 9.3 system. The 64-bit systems were also tested. The solution to fixing the path to geospatial database file is to copy SWAT2005.mdb to some temprorary location and specify the correct paths to this SWAT2005.mdb file in the main winddow of the tool.

Read the User Guide below before running the tool.

A peer-reviewed paper has been recently published in the Journal fo natural and Environmental Sciences and can be viewed here: publication

For reference please use the following citation:
Sheshukov, A.Y., P. Daggupati, K.R. Douglas-Mankin, and M.-C. Lee. (2011) High Spatial Resolution Soil Data for Watershed Modeling: 1. Development of a SSURGO-ArcSWAT Utility. Journal of Natural and Environmental Sciences, 2(2), 15-24.

Thank you for your interest in this tool!

Please, refer all problems and concerns to Dr. Aleksey Sheshukov (ashesh@ksu.edu) or Prasad Daggupati (prasad9@ksu.edu).

***IMPORTANT***    The support page is located at http://www.bae.ksu.edu/watershed/ashesh/swatiotools.html

Download files:
Files: Version Date Description
EXE file 0.9.c 04/06/2010 Single installation file. Standard Windows installation wizard.
User guide 5/31/2010 Quick and brief user guide on installation and use of the tool.
Instructions (valid for old version) 8/28/2009 Brief instructions on installation and use of the tool
Peer-reviewed publication 01/31/2012 The first of two papers on studying impacts of higher resolution soil maps on hydrologic watershed response
SSURGO Conference Paper 05/31/2010 Conference paper published in Proceedings of the 5th Intenational SWAT Conference on Aug. 5, 2009 in Boulder, CO
PowerPoint Presentation 8/28/2009 Presentation at the 5th Intenational SWAT Conference on Aug. 5, 2009 in Boulder, CO